Monthly Special (March): Locally Crafted Local Sake








For the month of March, Aburiya Kinnosuke features Local Sake that are crafted with local grown rare variety sake rice.

From Hokkaido to Hiroshima, we selected 8 kinds of locally crafted sake.  In traditional Japanese sake making, sometimes it is said, “the yeast is for aroma, and rice is for flavor.” Depending on the variety of sake rice, craftsman approach sake making with different methods and different expressions.

Until Taisho era in Japan, many varieties of sake rice were used for many sake breweries. Today, only few varieties are commonly used for sake making, however, some sake breweries and their local farmers together have been reproducing the sake rice that were left in the old era.  For each sake we selected for this month, the brewery and the famers, the community and the people are together to craft sake from locally grown old variety of sake rice.  Enjoy each glass of sake!!!  Kanpai.