Monthly Special (April) : Dewazakura Sake from Dewazakura Sake Brewery






五年氷点下熟成生大吟醸「雪漫々」、「出羽桜大吟醸」、純米大吟醸「一路」、純米吟醸「雄町」、吟醸「桜花」、「泉十段」を揃えております。 出羽桜酒造は1980年、蔵の看板酒である「桜花 吟醸酒」を発売しました。当時、吟醸酒は鑑評会向けに醸造されており一般にはあまり知られていませんでしたが、桜花の発売後、吟醸酒は人々に親しまれるようになり、出羽桜酒酒造は「吟醸酒」の普及に大きく貢献しました。




For the month of April, Aburiyakinnosuke features Dewazakura from Dewazakura Sake Brewery in Yamagata Japan. We have Dewazakura Sake from their standard production of  “Oka” , “Izumi-judan”, from Ginjo level ,  “Dewazakura Daiginjo”,  “Yuki Man Man”,  “Ichiro” from Junmai Daiginjo level  and “Omachi” from Junmai Ginjo level.

In 1981, Dewazakura Brewing Company changed that with the release of “Oka,” an affordably priced ginjo label with a polishing ratio of 50 percent and a lovely floral aroma. Soon other breweries introduced their own ginjo labels. And so began one of the most creative periods in the history of sake.

The Dewazakura named after the beautiful cherry blossom tree of Maizuru Mountain where the neiborhood of the Dewazakura Sake Brewery.

Fluity flavor, Lovely floral aroma and Delightful. Please try our selection of  Dewazakura Sake in this April.



image via Dewazakura Sake Brewery